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Collaborative + Holistic Mental Health Care

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Reiki is a modality that centers the healing capacity of light touch and our ability to build a healthy relationship with the energy that moves through us It is known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and distress in adults and children. It supports emotional release and overtime can ease severity of chronic pain. It can be helpful for individuals reclaiming their sense of self and who find themselves struggling with self-appreciation. Please see the 'Individuals' page for additional information. Schedule appointments at Integrative Empowerment here.



Therapy is one of many tools that can support living a more centered life. At CUSP, we strive to provide therapy services rooted in the cultural regard of our clients. We want to hear about the things that have worked for you so far and how we can build on what you know to be true about your mental health care. Don't be alarmed if you're not sure what has worked just yet. We are here to support you in moving through stress, anxiety, depression, periods of change, recovery, and so much more. In person and teletherapy are available. Book appointments at Integrative Empowerment here in late January 2020.


Workshop Facilitation for Adults

Healing work with adults can occur within oneself and on one's team. CUSP facilitates groups that support adults looking to deepen their understanding around team dynamics as it relates to empathy, wellness, and connection. We use our knowledge base of mental health and social connection as our foundation to best meet your needs. Workshops are provided through an intersectional lens. Recommended workshop group sizes range from 8 to 14 people.


Workshop Facilitation for Youth

Young people have a unique set of needs compared to adults. We work with high school-aged youth, recognizing that their inner and social lives are critically important. We work with school leadership to bring three "circle" options for local teens. We covers topics included but not limited to restorative justice, mental health, healthy relationships and teen relationship violence, possibility thinking, resilience and teen wisdom. Supporting young people is a powerful way to support the adults that they will become. Workshops are provided through an intersectional lens. Recommended workshop group size range from 10 to 25.

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