Past Events & Workshops

  • 2021: Black Alliance for Just Immigration's Our Stories and Visions: Gender in Black Immigrant Communities Report Out - Grounding (virtual)

  • 2021: National Day of Racial Healing: Dreams as Ancestral Technology for Exploring Grief Workshop at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI (virtual)

  •  2021: Rest and Resilience Panel at The Carr Center, Detroit, MI (virtual)

  • 2019: Beyond White Social Work Part 3: Exploration into AfroFuturism - Grounding, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

  • 2019: "Gun Violence and Community Healing," Peace in the Streets Conference, Detroit, MI

  • 2019: "Exploring Reiki as a Stress Management Tool in Integrated Behavioral Health Settings," Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority Raising the Bar Conference, Detroit, MI 

  • 2018: "Community Healing and Intersectionality," International Decade of People for African Descent Conference, Georgetown, Guyana 

  • 2015: "Baltimore Arts and Protest: Black Lives Matter, the Intersection of Race and Sexual Assault," Baltimore, MD (Virtual)